About Us

MyMillyMoo.com all began simply because of my passion for fashion jewellery and accessories.

It all started in Antibes, South of France where I would spend most summers. I was surrounded by glamour and the finest of fashion. Forever lusting after high fashion pieces with long waiting lists and eye watering price tags, I wanted to make feeling fabulous more obtainable and affordable.

My aim is to inspire and to be inspired. I love to get inspiration from street style and more recently Instagram and social media sites that provide such individual style. I am constantly on the look out for a bit of sparkle. My aim is to keep the classic but mix with fun and humour to give you the finest in affordable fashion jewellery and accessories. I work closely with the designers to bring you the latest trends and fashion forward pieces. Together we hope to concoct the perfect cocktail of elegance, edgy and a dash of sparkle. After spending many years carefully selecting, here are the pieces I wish to share with you.

And so MyMillyMoo was created...